Introducing the HueDrum

Are you ready to experience the vibrant tones of a unique musical instrument? The HueDrum brings fusion and relaxation into your life with its handmade, harmonious melodies.

absolutely intuitive

Simply start playing and be surprised by how good you sound! There is no “right” way to play the HueDrum.

unique sound

HueDrums are specially designed with a proprietary blend of music-grade steel, to produce a distinctive set of rich tones.

stunning design

Each drum is specially engineered for a sleek compact profile that enhances its sound quality and makes it incredibly portable.
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Pick Your Drum

With 7 vibrant colors to choose from and two different sizes – 10 inches or 5½ inches – everyone can find that sound that speaks to them.

10 Inch Drum

$179 $200

11-Tone | Available in 7 Colors

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5½ Inch Drum

$85 $100

8-Tone | Available in 7 Colors

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Your Purchase Helps Mental Health

Yes that is right! A portion of proceeds are donated to NAMI (the National Alliance on Mental Illness), to help create support and awareness.

Thousands of Happy HueDrummers

Rated 4.9/5.0 based on 800+ Reviews

It’s a very good quality instrument for the price. The sound it produces when played with the mallets is outstanding! Super soothing and calming.


The drum sounds fantastic but I had lost one hammer. They provided fantastic service and gave me replacement hammers.


We all absolutely love it! My 3 yo daughter, myself and our friends. It’s so nice and compact, very beautiful cover bag. Very comfy and the sound is great!


We really love the sound of this steel tongue drum... So deep and melodious... It's a lot of fun to play and there are no wrong notes!


How to Play

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, HueDrum enables you to make gorgeous sounds with an effortless playing experience.

Sit comfortably with your drum

Start by finding a comfortable seated position and placing the instrument on your lap.

Tap the tongues with the included mallets

Gently tap the tongues of your drum.

Hear the melodic vibrations

Listen to its melodic vibrations and let it fill in any emotional voids.

Feel free to use the music book, or create your own sound.

Allow yourself to be completely entranced by its beauty.

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Rated 4.9/5.0 based on 800+ Reviews

Experience Music on the Go

Take your music session everywhere you go with HueDrum's sleek, portable and lightweight design - no more lugging heavy music instruments around.