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Handmade Steel Tongue Drum Kit

Enjoy the beautiful and relaxing sounds of the Hue Drum! It's extremely easy to play and makes the perfect gift.

Each Hue Drum is handcrafted from high-quality steel and professionally tuned to deliver the best sounding experience. See for yourself! Play the video below to listen to our drum.

Unleash the Calming, Relaxing, and Healing Power of the Hue Drum!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is this difficult to play?

Answer: Absolutely not! Our drums are beginner-friendly and are excellent for all age groups.

Question: What does each order come with?

Answer: Each drum is equipped with a pair of 2 sticks, a beginner's book, including 42 songs, and a premium stylish carrying bag.

Question: What key is the drum tuned to?

Answer: Each of the eight tones is expertly tuned to standard C major.

Question: Is it helpful for stress relief?

Answer: Playing tunes with our drum has shown to significantly reduce stress and is a great way to distract attention. You can meditate and clear your mind while listening to the ethereal melodious sound of the Hue Drum, throw all your worry and stress behind.

Question: Where do you ship to?

Answer: We are happy to offer free worldwide shipping on all orders.